Mishri Lyrics By Anuv Jain

#MISHRI 💭 talks about a guy who remembers the things that he and the girl he can’t be with used to talk about and how these “sweet” memories act as a lullaby and help him go to sleep at night. This song was written to be used as a word bank for Anuv Jain’s song “Riha”. Anuv Jain says “I randomly played it a few times on my live streams and people really liked it, rather loved it and asked me to get it recorded. So here is Mishri… ❤️”
Yeh palkon mein
Kuch baate hain
Tere bina, tere bina
Adhri si, saari raatein hain
Tere bina, tera bina
Aur aasma mein
Jo taray hein
Tu waise mere
Dil mein sajha hain
Ye taray jo
Ab tootay toh
In khwahishon mein
Tu hi raha hain
Anuv Jain - MISHRI Lyrics
Aur mishri si
Tere baatein yeh
Yoon haule haule
Yaad aa rahin hain
Aur meethi si
Teri yaadein ab
Yoon raaton mein
Sula ja rahin hain
Tu aaj bhi
Haan aaj bhi
Kahin na kahin
Sapno mein raha hain
Aur mishri ke
In baadalo mein
Tu aaj bhi
Kahin pe chippa hain
Tu needon mein
Band aakhon mein
Yooh haule haule
Ladti jhagadti hain
Na janay kyun
Phir aakay tu
Mujhe hi jaana
Kas ke pakadti hain
Tera, tera hi
Mein ho gaya hoon
Sonay ke mehelon mein
Tera, tera hi
Main ho gaya ho
Mitti ke shehron mein